1. Contact me to discuss ideas, materials, price and time scale. 


2. I will require LARGE, CLEAR, HIGH QUALITY images to work from. This is important, as the clearer the image, the more detail I can add into the drawing. I will try my best to work from any image provided.

(If requested I will take a the photo, however this will effect the price as it will be included in the time it takes to create the final piece.)


3. 25% of the total commission cost will need to be paid before I begin the artwork. This is not refundable if you cancel your order once the process has begun.

4. Once I have started drawing, you can request to see progression stages, or choose to leave the end result as a surprise. 


5. When you have seen your finished artwork, and are happy with the result, the remaining payment will be required.


If you are interested in commissioning a piece of artwork please feel free to get in touch to discuss your portrait.


Prices are based on the materials and time it takes to create a unique piece of art. please note that additional subjects/backgrounds/objects may effect the price. Please contact me for individual price.